More reviews for our A level Physics tuition

Eunice Ong, CJC, 2016

Thank you so much for the help Mr Cai. Your lessons are always enjoyable and full of fun facts! Each lesson is fruitful and full of interesting happenings as you bring physics to life. I’m glad to have cultivated my interest with your lessons and progressed with your concise summary notes. I hope you continue to inspire students who dislike or fear physics to progress or even excel in the subject as it is more than it seems

Rachel Park, RJC, 2016

My physics experience in Junior college started out as an uphill battle as I struggled to grasp even the simplest concepts such as measurements and kinematics. Physics proved to be one of my weakest subjects as it required a great deal of visualisation and understanding. Fortunately, with the help of Mr Cai, I was able to overcome my fears and achieve stellar results in my A levels physics. His patience in explaining the same concepts to me over and over again never failed to amaze me. His readiness to answer questions out of the syllabus ranging from nuclear physics to explaining daily phenomenas made Physics lessons more interesting as my learning extended beyond the confines of textbooks and tutorials. He is a one-of-a-kind tutor that has been integral to my success in A level H2 Physics today!

Tay Tze Hee, NYJC, 2014

Thank you Mr Cai for your guidance throughout my J2 year. Thanks to your summary cards, concise worksheets and not forgetting the toys/real life applications to physics, learning physics has actually became fun and easy to understand. Once again, thank you very much!

Ng Tze Shien, NJC, 2012

Mr Cai is a very approachable and friendly A level physics tutor and I have enjoyed H2 A level physics tuition under him. He explains concepts clearly, and I understand them much better under his tutelage. He gives us a lot of practice questions and is able to guide us through in the revision of topics. Through additional videos, lessons are more interesting and engaging.

Sakthivel, RJC, 2016

Thank you very much Mr Cai for guiding me with great useful resources and giving me apt feedback and clarifications whenever required throughout my A level physics journey, even if it were sometimes at unearthly times of the day. Thank you!

Leow Yi En, HCI, 2015

Mr Cai has been a really effective and caring teacher, helping me with my fundamentals quickly despite joining the H2 physics tuition in the second year, pulling my result from a U in J1 and J2 BT2 to A in A levels. Thanks Mr Cai!!!

Kai Ting Ng, NYJC, 2015

Physics has always been one of my weakest subjects in JC. Even though I joined Learners Lodge’s H2 A level Physics tuition only at the start of year 2, I managed to get an A for physics in A levels under the guidance of Mr Cai, who was always there to answer my questions. Thank you so much Mr Cai!

Yong Zhi Ming (ACJC), 2015

Mr Cai uses innovative ways to help his students better grasp confusing physics concepts. Through visualisation, I understand and remember certain concepts more effectively. As such, I improved from a 0.8 percentile grade at prelims to an A for my H2 physics paper.

Trudy Sih, HCI, 2013

Dear Mr Raymond Cai, thank you for all the help you have given me throughout my A level journey! Your lessons definitely inculcated a love for physics in me as you never fail to make lessons so interesting. For example, your use of props to explain physics concepts always captures our attentions. Thank you for always explaining the concepts so thoroughly and clearly as well as going through unique questions that really test our understanding. Lastly, thank you for being such a nice and approachable physics tutor, making weekly H2 A level physics tuition lessons no longer a dreaded thing!