Top JC Physics tutor
JC Physics Tutor


Mr Raymond Cai

Top Physics Tutor for Singapore GCE A level H2 Physics

  • Masters of Education (NIE)
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Author H2 Physics Ten Year Series Solutions & numerous assessment books  

Features of our A Level H2 Physics tuition

In order to excel in A Level Physics, students have to recall and apply concepts in higher order thinking questions. Often, this also involves novel situations.

As such, it is our belief that physics cannot be learned through the rote memorising of formula and drilling “ten-year-series” questions. Instead, physics must be “felt” and experienced in real action and day to day examples. Thus, lessons aim to help students see beyond the formula and truly understand the concepts.

Some features of our physics tuition include:


Emphasis on question answering techniques based on Cambridge examiners’ requirements.


Interesting and multimodal workshop-style lessons to cater to different learning styles.


Concise cliff notes that summarizes the key concepts required and commonly tested for each topic.


Regular assessments and feedback to ensure retention of understanding and peak performance.


Carefully prepared questions and answers that deliver mastery of the concepts in the shortest time.


Great track record of helping students improve by leaps and bounds, before scoring that coveted A!

Throughout my revision period, Mr Raymond Cai has been an amazing pillar of support in my understanding and grasping of physics. I appreciate how he would take the time to reply to each of my queries (which were a lot) and made sure that I fully understood the concepts and the reasoning behind the answers. He would bring props to class and it really makes the class more entertaining and it enables us to visualise certain concepts too! Thank you Mr Cai for strengthening my interest and stamina in physics and for the support in my 2-year journey, couldn’t have done it without you!
Alvina Lo

2019, Eunoia Junior College

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